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At Betway, we take pride in bringing you the best sports betting action, alive with moments that matter to fans. But politics has the power to profoundly shape the world for all of us. In a post-Brexit, post-Trump world, there is often as much action and drama to be found on the campaign trail and in the halls of government as on the sports field. Now, as never before, the thrill of predicting how the political chips will fall is as exciting as any championship sporting encounter – the debates as divisive, the rivalries as passionate. 

That’s why we offer a wide range of betting markets covering the future of politics on both national and international stages. From the outcome of forthcoming elections in the UK and US, to the next nation to invoke EU article 50, with a wide and colourful spectrum in between – Betway is on hand to match your passion for politics betting with the markets you want to bet on, loaded with the best politics odds, when you want them.

Major Political Events

Politics betting is a fluid market. Things can change in a matter of seconds. Our markets are flexible and always include all the high-profile political events. For example, we had multiple markets on Brexit and the EU, and continue to offer a great range of betting on it. Make a call on what you think will come first, Brexit or a UK general election? If you prefer to look overseas, you can find election odds for the US presidential election, as well as odds from countries like Ireland and Finland. 

Other popular sports

But there’s more to Betway than A class politics betting. Our sports offering is a formidable one, so if you fancy delving into something other than the world of politics betting, or you just fancy getting away from all the Brexit fever then why not have a look at our extensive markets across sports and major sporting events. 

We’ve got great coverage across football, and cover a wide range of markets on all major international events, as well as catering for some smaller ones too. We’ve got a wide selection of Premier League odds, as well as an array of markets from the domestic leagues across the globe such as La Liga and Bundesliga

Whatever your choice, whether it’s football betting, basketball betting or ice hockey betting, you can count on us to have something different. And if you want to try out something completely new, then Betway is your gateway. 

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